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Review of "Dust Off My Boots" on Country Music News (Germany)

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29.10.2010 “The Advertiser” (UK)
I think it is true that the best country musicians and recording studios are located in Nashville but you do not have to come from Nashville or even America to be among the best country performers. Italy’s George McAnthony is a prime example. Not only is George a great singer he is also a talented songwriter and as proof of this I offer his new album for the Arizona based Comstock label. “Dust Off My Boots” has fifteen tracks, 14 written by George, and not one of them would I describe as a slow song. This is a collection of uptempo ballads and country rock with a seasoning of rockabilly that will keep listeners mobile, either dancing or at least tapping their feet. To ensure his performances are showcased to best effect George travelled to Nashville to work with such legendary pickers as Paul Franklin (steel, Dobro), Brent Mason (electric guitar), Rob Hajacos (fiddle), Owen Hale (drums) with Mike Douchette adding a touch of harmonica magic. I first played this album when I was in a five mile tailback at exit 21 on the M1 and you know what? I was disappointed when the traffic began to move. I was so into “Steve The Hawk”, “Country Gypsy”, “Turn Me Loose” and the “Mexico Medley” combining Les Humphries “Mexico” (a play on “The Battle Of New Orleans”) and Pete Seeger’s “Pay Me My Money Down”. (Pete Smith , FAB Radio - UK)

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REFLECTIONS ON “TRAIL OF LIFE” by Frank Fara (president of the US label Comstock records)
"Your wonderful new album Trail of Life arrived to start our week of Thanksgiving. There is no doubt George but that you are one of the most consistent and talented singer-writers we work with. You have kept your writing and production on a very high professional level and you have packaged your music in a vibrant, native Indian/ Western style to the delight of radio and fans everywhere. Very good songs and choices for radio programmers and and album buyers alike. Your writing offers hope, direction as well as a deep understanding of life. It will do very well for you and we look forward to being able to promote it. You are a very special artist to us George and we hope this shows you our appreciation for your great talent and loyalty to us and our label. We would like to promote the whole album, it is best for you both in the short term and over time. You write so many good songs that single releases would only ensure that many of your songs would be overlooked. Also singles don't have the staying power that a quality album like yours does. Lastly you are heads and shoulders above the newcomers who have only singles to offer radio. Your album puts you in a much stronger position as a recording artist with us. Congratulations again George on your prolific writing and hard work. We know a project like this is not easy and we will give it all our efforts to see that DJ's everywhere hear it and put it on their shows. I also have a couple of new Shows in the USA I think will program you. We wish you a good time of year with family and friends and look forward to getting your new album out to radio as soon as possible."

"EURO-COUNTRY NEWS" (The "European Country Music Association" Weekly Newsletter)
... our favourite album of the week: George McAnthony - The Vision. No introduction should be needed for this excellent music man who comes from Italy. He is one of our better artists here in Europe and has a solid reputation well worked through the years. Maybe his latest work, "The Vision", will give him the necessary support to become, at least universally known. Over the years his albums have improved interest and maturity. He's made of solid stuff, and most of all, he has great country sounds and beautiful lyrics with messages for peace, love and fraternity. His songs make us feel and think better. With this recording, George McAnthony will be at the crest of the wave again. He truly deserves to obtain the highest rewards. Our respect and love: a top recommended album.

"METRO-COUNTRY, CD Reviews" (United Kingdom)
... "The Vision" is a fine album of solid country music that shows George McAnthony to be a very talented songwriter and artist. I have no hesitation in recommending the album and look forward to the possibility of catching him in concert sometime, if he decides to tour in the United Kingdom ...

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