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There can’t be more satisfaction for a musician than to see his songs becoming part of your daily life. It is good to know that my emotions don’t get lost, but instead are expressed and amplified. It makes me happy to see the expression on your face while giving your opinion regarding a song or sharing how you felt during a concert.
Music is my most precious gift to you; it represents myself while echoing your stories and emotions too! Any or every note may give you what you deeply desire.  If a heartfelt smile appears on your face or if I see you participate at my shows with joy, singing or whistling with me then I am certain that what I have written and sing is above all an exchange of positive energies between us.
What can I say about the children? Every time I observe them it is clear to me that their world is a special one. During my concerts they stay beneath my stage, always enthusiastic, then they start jumping with energy and joy which is really contagious.  I don’t forget those who are ill in body or mind.  Their reactions to music are to keep as pictures in my heart.  From them I’ve learned that even if the body or mind is unwell, illness does not touch the spirit where a deeper music is playing and its cords awaken with mine.  So I think that as long as I have the inspiration and the energy I will write songs and dedicate them to colour up your days, and I’ll be there with you smiling, because you gave me so much.

I recorded the two new songs of this collection in my home studio. The guitars where played by Werner Bauhofer, the background vocals where done by Martina Klotz and Alex Pallaoro. Sr. Winifred Doherty, an Irish Sister who works in the “Good Shepherd Sisters” projects in Ethiopia, helped me by email to correct my English writing. The CD was mastered by Paolo Lovat at “Azzurra Music” (Pastrengo-VR).


The lyrics of the songs can be found under the links of the albums



1. Great Spirit (Great Spirit - 2004)
I imagine my life as a young Indian chief. The story doesn’t have a happy end, but in this song I prefer to focus more on the Red Indian values, which still mean a lot to me. The relation to the Great Spirit was ever present, very natural and spontaneous. Mother Nature, all living beings and the Great Spirit were all one, fitting perfectly into the Grand Design.

2. Mississippi River Dance (The Vision - 2000)
Is everybody ready to take a trip on a Mississippi steamboat? Well, the big party is about to start. From Memphis down to New Orleans the paddle wheel ship rolls to the rhythm of the Mississippi river dance. Let’s hope that Tommy soon gets the courage to give his first kiss to Susie. This song received the Award “Best European Country Song of the Year 2001”.

3. Easy Going Man (Wild Horse Running - 2002)
I wrote this song in memory of Cesare, Sonja's father, who taught us that problems and diseases are like mountains we have to climb, suffering has to be faced with determination, we never have to lose our dreams and hopes.
Uomo semplice e tranquillo

4. Thank You Folks (Weekend Cowboy - 1998)
At 3 o'clock in the morning after a New Year's Eve concert at the ski hut "Pian Del Falco" in Sestola (MO), I felt the need to dedicate a song to all of you out there who have supported me over the last years. One of my greatest joys is being on tour, seeing new places and meeting new people.

5. Everything In You (The Vision - 2000)
I dedicate this love song to Sonja, the woman who’s at my side in every part of my life. She supports me by giving me lots of precious inputs and advice.

6. Memphis, City Of Kings (Great Spirit - 2004)
I was just singing for myself at the shore of a small lake near the place where I live as I did the “B. B. King, Martin Luther King - thing” and I thought, well, I could call Memphis the “City of Kings”. I did this trip to Memphis and New Orleans after recording the album “The Vision” in Nashville back in the year 2000. I am very grateful for the good music these three cities have given us so far.

7. Weekend Cowboy (Weekend Cowboy - 1998)
With Weekend Cowboy I talk about all those people who like the country way of life and who bring some color into their grey world driving a Harley or a pick-up-truck, riding horses, being out in the wilderness or simply wearing some western outfit.

8. Out Of The Flood (George McAnthony) Bonus Track: Tsunami Song (2005)
This year we all have been a part of and affected by the colossal human and natural disaster in South East Asia. Our emotions have ranged from shock and disbelief, to awe in the face of nature erupting, to stirrings of compassion and solidarity with our brothers and sisters bereft of all – material goods, livelihoods, friends, homes and family. Now some months have passed but I want to keep alive the expressions of humanness and brotherhood that arose in the wake of this calamity.  Entire families sharing the same sorrow and pain that transcended creed, colour, race and all other differences. Let us remember the precious help given by the local people to all the foreigners who have been there.
We are superior and uppish, divorced from the will of God and the rules of Mother nature. This tragedy has challenged us to reconsider our views, to recognize that we cannot control everything through our advanced scientific experience and power. Once again we have to relearn respect for nature and for human life and humbly admit our limits. It was curious to see how some tribes who live on islands close to the epicentre were safe because they could read the signs and forewarnings of nature. Sometimes the very simply knowledge of old tradition, wisdom and life experiences can be of more help than advanced technology. Following the Tsunami the number of victims could have doubled, but it was prevented by the exemplary help of the international community, and probably by a crew of Angels.
Compassionateness and hospitality should sign us like a tattoo so that nothing will be forgotten, but be a patrimony for the generations to come.  Let us consider these poor populations for what they are and specially let us respect their children who like ours have the right to live their pure, simple and untouchable childhood.
I wrote “Out Of The Flood” at the beginning of January 2005 in occasion of a Tsunami victims concert.

9. Cross The Human Bridges - the ethnic peace song (The Vision – 2000)
This is a hymn for ethnic peace because I'm very concerned about the conflicts and wars we have had in the last years. Pain and suffering has increased all over the world. I see egoism, intolerance and racism in places that are far away and in places that are near, too near. We'd better not play with the fire; the price to pay would be too high.

10. The Star From Denver (Weekend Cowboy - 1998)
In October 1997 John Denver died in a tragic air crash. I grew up with his music and this has greatly influenced me. Some years ago I had the great honour of meeting John personally and so I dedicate this song to him.

11. Wild Horse Running (Wild Horse Running - 2002)
It's about freedom, the pleasure to run and travel, the simple and proud way of living without chains and fences, and the need to express ourselves as we can without being stopped by preconceived thoughts of others.

12. Moccasin Walk (Great Spirit - 2004)
The big troubles we have in our world today come mainly from prejudices we have against each other. Peace can be found if we do as the Red Indians say: “Do not judge your neighbour until you walk two moons in his moccasins”.

13. Rainbow (Wild Horse Running - 2002)
I still am deeply moved when I see a rainbow. What a mystery between water and light. The Bible says it is a sign of hope for a better future.

14. Take Me Home Country Roads (Wild Horse Running - 2002)
In March 2005 I visited orphans in Dilla, a remote area in southern Ethiopia. They asked me to sing something for them. As soon as I started Country Roads, all the children joined in, singing the exact lyrics. It’s amazing how a song can touch the heart of people all around the world, even 30 years after it was written. From Dilla the trip went further down south to Moyale where I made the CD cover picture of this beautiful half circle rainbow.

15. I can fly (Great Spirit - 2004)
I really do dream now and then that I fly. But I don’t get very high; it’s more like doing a big jump into the water and by moving my arms I can get as far as maybe 50 meters. I did not yet dream of taking off and landing on solid ground.

16. Mmm Mmm Mmm Mmm 
(Bonus Track, cover of the “Crash Test Dummies” song - 2005)

Almost everybody I know was sure that Mmm was one of my songs, even people who know me very well. It didn’t seem to me to have a similar voice to Brad Roberts. So just for fun I included it as a bonus track. It is not clear what the songs is about, to my understanding it talks about difficult situations children have to face in their lives. So I dedicate this song to the very young ones among you.

17. Trapper Jacket Joe (Weekend Cowboy - 1998)
During a country festival in Aosta in July 1997 I composed this song right away on stage. For some strange reason people kept asking for it during the whole summer tour. I thought I had to improve the music and mainly the words, but in the end I decided to leave it the way it was.

18. The Vision (The Vision - 2000)
This song is about a vision of unknown times to come. The wind and the eagle talk about a future full of changes. Some will be ready for this new world, some will fall apart.


OUT OF THE FLOOD (George McAnthony)

I’m Heru Suwaye, an Indonesian boy / I met some children who came for Christmas, they showed me all their beautiful toys / sunny Sunday morning, under Asian skies / I take a walk with Linda as suddenly the ocean rises

We’re coming OUT OF THE FLOOD and into the light /ready to come back again, may the reason soon be known / if there’s no way out, please God, take your children home

To keep the number from rising, I call an angel crew / people get conscious about what you’re supposed to do / let love see you through

Remember Heru Suwaye, he saved his Swedish friend / he gave his life for Linda, none of us would comprehend / it still makes me wonder, is there a lesson to learn / today it’s them in need of help, tomorrow it’ll be our turn

And we’ll be coming OUT OF THE FLOOD and into the light / ready to come back again, may the reason soon be known / if there’s no way out, please God, take your children home



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